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Welcome to the Official Face to Face Project of Candidate Videos for Voter Education!

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The Official Face to Face Project of Candidate Videos for Voter Education  is a 501c3 NonProfit that can accept tax deductible donations. It is a Democratic tool to get to know the Candidates on your ballot. On our Videos the Candidates tell who they are, what office they seek, what their platform is, why they want to be a public servant, and what credentials they have to meet the needs of the job. Some were videographed at forums, some come from the Candidates' Facebook page or Website, while others are videos the candidates sent in. The goal is to help them get a much wider viewing audience. It can be viewed individually or in groups. The purpose is to educate the voter by giving them a one stop shop to all their candidates on their ballot. Voters can view the videos at their leisure before they go vote, write down who they want to vote for on their sample ballots and bring in this list to the polls. Or just put the selections on their Mail In Ballots.  It is allowed. The video links on here go to our sister YouTube Channel. The Wix website has their photo, the area they would serve, what the job knowledge the position requires, their media links, and donation link. This service is free to Candidates and Voters. Be sure to subscribe and Donate through  ActBlue to keep this project going. YouTube will pay to put on commercials once we reach 1000 subscriptions, which will help pay for the site. Our goal is to go Nationwide and to include close captioning for hearing impaired or a Sign Language Interpreter. This page will automatically convert to the language the viewer has set up on their computer. 

**underlined items are hyperlinked

               Texas State Level Offices
                 Up for Election in 2022

State Wide:
  Lieutenant Governor
     Attorney General    
   Railroad Commissioner  
              Ag Commissioner             
        Texas Supreme Court-3 seats    
  Texas Court of Criminal Appeals-3 seats
                 Land Commissioner

   Texas County Pages


All Counties are in Alphabetical order. To find your county click on the toolbar where it says Texas Counties A-Z. It is a pull down tab. Find the first letter of your county and click on it. That page should come up. Find your county. Click on the star below the county block and that will take you to your sample ballot. Click on the stars next to the candidate tile. That will take you to their video. Mark on your ballot which candidates you like the best. Take it to the polls with you and transfer your list to the ballot. That is it. Very easy. City Council, School Board, and other City Offices will be added as we get in that information.


This site is Under Construction Now and will be a work in progress. All Counties in Texas will be added soon. It is being updated for the 2022 Primaries and Fall Elections. 

***** Disclaimer:

The Sample Ballot links will connect you to the official sample ballot. Some Counties do not list a sample ballot, while others have just one per party, and still others will have one for each precinct. Follow the link and check out their homepage under Elections to see if there are more for your area. Your Precinct Number is on your Voter Registration Card.

Important Links:

Texas Democratic Party

National Democratic Party

Blue Horizon

Secretary of State Important Links:

Accepted Candidates list of who will be on the ballot statewide:

Ballot lists by County statewide:

Sample ballots per County statewide: 

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