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" I am so thankful for the F2F project to bring Texas Candidates together on one platform so anyone at any time can learn about the candidates. I applaud the efforts of the creator of the F2F project, who strives to decrease 'voting blind' by increasing the awareness of who the candidates on the ballot are and what they stand for. I'm definitely sharing this site with everyone I know. "

Deja Hill, City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem for Manor, Texas. Board member of the F2F project. 

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Bonny Krahn helps the voters of Texas. Bonny Krahn's Face to Face Project Group gives potential voters much needed information about a large field of democratic candidates. average Voters can now make informed decisions about these candidate's qualifications and platform. 

Richard Cronshey has been a grassroots political activist since 1974. He is a life long democrat and a member of the Hays Executive Committee for over 10 years. 

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Thanks You to Bonny Krahn for bringing the Face to Face Project to Texas Voters. This Project Allows Voters to make Informed Decisions about a Candidate and Platform. A New and Innovative Tool for Informed Voters.   

Mary Espinoza is the Precinct Chair of 333 Driftwood and Wimberley, Hays County. 

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For my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to Official Face To Face Project of Candidate Videos for Voter Education. I found out about Face-to-Face during my primary campaign for Texas Supreme Court. Face to face provided each candidate in the primary an opportunity to make a 5 minute introduction to the voters for posting on YouTube. I received a lot of positive feedback and several hundred people across the state viewed the video. Face-to-face's intent is to provide the link to all clubs and County parties so that voters can find out a little bit about each candidate. This was done at no charge to our campaign. In some counties there is no clear boundary between a Consultant's stable of candidates and the party itself. In other counties Pacs fund a group of candidates under a name that suggests they are sponsored by the party.

A voter who accesses face-to-face can find all of the candidates in a particular race and hear each of them speak.

Larry  Praeger was on the Primary Ballot for Justice of the Supreme Count Place 6

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