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Open Positions Up for Election Midterms 2022

The following is from the Secretary of State's website outlining which offices are up for election this November. Check carefully each County's section. Is there a Candidate for each of these offices? If there isn't more than likely there is a Republican on the ballot for that slot unchallenged. We have no Democratic Candidate. So Texas does not only have a problem with getting Democrats to show up to vote but also with finding Candidates to fill the positions available. This is a state wide problem. This not only affects regular positions but also Democratic County Chairs and Precinct Chairs. Many are vacant. That being said there are offices that some counties have that others don't. And they can come up with new ones at any time. To look up vacant positions in a county you can do this by party here:

To find the following information on the SOS website go here: 

The SOS posts this information before the deadline to file for office. I am making it a goal of this project to send out notices to the counties of Vacant Positions County Chairs and Precinct Chairs included. The more people know the more they will be willing to participate. 

Office                                                                                  Term

All 38 United States Representatives                             2 yr. term

Governor                                                                          4 yr. term

Lieutenant Governor                                                       4 yr. term

Attorney General                                                             4 yr. term

Comptroller of Public Accounts                                     4 yr. term

Commissioner of General Land Office                          4 yr. term

Commissioner of Agriculture                                         4 yr. term


Railroad Commissioners                                                 6 yr. term

  • Wayne Christian                                                      


3 members of the Supreme Court                                 6 yr. term

  • Debra Lehrmann, Place 3

  • Rebeca Huddle, Place 5 

  • Place 9


3 members of the Court of Criminal Appeals              6 yr. term

  • Mar Lou Keel, Place 2

  • Scott Walker, Place 5 

  • Jesse McClure, Place 6

All 15 Members, State Board of Education                  2 yr. or 4 yr. term 


All 31 State Senators                                                      2 yr. or 4 yr. term 


All 150 State Representatives                                        2 yr. term


Chief Justice of Courts of Appeals                                6 yr. term

  • Sherry Radack, 1st Court of Appeals 

  • Josh Morriss, 6th Court of Appeals

Various Court of Appeals Justices                                 6 yr. term


Various District Judges, Criminal District Judges        4 yr. term


Family District Judges                                                    4 yr. term


District Attorneys                                                            4 yr. term


County Judges                                                                4 yr. term


County Courts at Law                                                     4 yr. term


District and County Clerks                                             4 yr. term


District Clerks                                                                  4 yr. term


County Clerks                                                                  4 yr. term


County Treasurer                                                             4 yr. term


County Surveyors                                                            4 yr. term


County Commissioners                                                  4 yr. term


Justices of the Peace                                                      4 yr. term


Constable                                                                        4 yr. term

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