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Open Positions Up for Elections 2024

The following is from the Secretary of State's website outlining which offices are up for the March 2024 Primary Ballot. Check carefully each County's section. Is there a Candidate for each of these offices? If there isn't more than likely there is a Republican on the ballot for that slot unchallenged. We have no Democratic Candidate. So Texas does not only have a problem with getting Democrats to show up to vote but also with finding Candidates to fill the positions available. This is a state wide problem. This not only affects regular positions but also Democratic County Chairs and Precinct Chairs. Many are vacant. That being said there are offices that some counties have that others don't. And they can come up with new ones at any time. To look up vacant positions in a county you can do this by party here:

To find the following information on the SOS website go here:

The SOS posts this information before the deadline to file for office. I am making it a goal of this project to send out notices to the counties of Vacant Positions County Chairs and Precinct Chairs included. The more people know the more they will be willing to participate. 

President of the United States                                     4 yr. term

United States Senator

  • Ted Cruz                                                                   6 yr. term

All 38 United States Representatives                           2 yr. term

Railroad Commissioners

  • Christi Craddick                                                      6 yr. term

4 members of the Supreme Court

  •  Nathan Hecht, Place 1 Chief Justice

  • Jimmy Blacklock, Place 2 

  • John Phillip Devine, Place 4

  • Jane Bland, Place 6                                                6 yr. term

3 members of the Court of Criminal Appeals

  • Sharon Keller, Presiding Judge, Place 1

  • Barbara Hervey, Place 7

  • Michelle Slaughter, Place 8                                    6 yr. term

7 Members, State Board of Education 

  • Melissa Ortega, District 1

  • Marisa B. Perez-Diaz, District 3

  • Staci Childs, District 4

  • Tom Maynard, District 10

  • Patricia “Pat” Hardy, District 11

  • Pam Little, District 12

  • Aaron Kinsey, District 15                                        4 yr. term

15 State Senators 

  • Carol Alvarado, District 6

  • Paul Bettencourt, District 7

  • Angela Paxton, District 8

  • Phil King, District 10

  • Tan Parker, District 12

  • Sarah Eckhardt, District 14

  • John Whitmire, District 15

  • Nathan Johnson, District 16

  • Joan Huffman, District 17

  • Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, District 20

  • Royce West, District 23

  • Donna Campbell, District 25

  • Morgan LaMantia, District 27

  • Cesar Blanco, District 29

  • Drew Springer, District 30                                      4 yr. term

All 150 State Representatives                                       2 yr. term

Chief Justice of Courts of Appeals

  • Bonnie Sudderth, 2nd Court of Appeals

  • Robert D. Burns III, 5th Court of Appeals

  • Tom Gray, 10th Court of Appeals

  • John Bailey, 11th Court of Appeals

  • Dori Contreras, 13th Court of Appeals                 6 yr. term

Various Court of Appeals Justices                               6 yr. term

Various District Judges, Criminal District Judges       4 yr. term

Family District Judges                                                   4 yr. term

District Attorneys                                                           4 yr. term

Sheriffs                                                                            4 yr. term

County Courts at Law                                                    4 yr. term

County Attorneys                                                           4 yr. term

Tax Assessor-Collectors                                                 4 yr. term

County Commissioners                                                 4 yr. term

Justices of the Peace (Place 1 designation only)a      4 yr. term

Constables                                                                     4 yr. term

County Chair

Precinct Chairs

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